At DATEY we know that knowledge is the key to a better future. DATEY provides training and related services that develop human resources and institutional capacities.

Our Assets

  • Cutting-edge training in the information and communication technology sector
  • State-of-the-art in-house training facilities in the heart of Europe as well as the provision of on-site courses
  • Excellent network of partner institutions and resource persons
  • Strong client orientation, multi-lingual delivery, inter-disciplinary perspective
  • Innovative teaching methodologies, professional and effective learning environments, and constant evaluation of services

Our Clients

DATEY works as supplier for the United States Armed Forces in Europe; for NATO; and for national and foreign ministries of Labor, Education, Defense, Development and Foreign Affairs, as well as for multilateral agencies such as the European Commission. DATEY is a:

  • successful training provider that has to date trained over 250,000 individuals for German government entities and under contract for the German ministry of Labor;
  • an established source of language, ICT, management and cultural training for the US Forces in Europe (more than 16,000 US personnel) as well as for NATO;
  • an established source of English language, ICT and mana gement and specialized vocational training cources for the EU (such as English language for Air Traffic Control)

With extensive expertise in the field of education and training internationally, DATEY combines in-depth knowledge of US military regulations with local and national legal, business and financial regulatory environments.

All monitoring and documentation is provided in compliance with ISO 9001 standards. DATEY is listed with SAM.